Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change the look of Highlights?

The two primary reasons: speed and ease of use.

This website enables new content to be added throughout the month instead of being limited to a monthly distribution. Also, each article now has its own dedicated page with a unique and descriptive URL.

Additional features include social media connectivity and new photo and video viewing capabilities.

How often will this site be updated?

New items will be added three to five times a week.

Users can subscribe to the Highlights RSS feed to receive notification as soon as a new item is added.

What happens to my Highlights e-mail?

In short, nothing. WEF members still will receive a digest of each month’s content at the beginning of the following month.

How do I find the article I am looking for?

The website allows readers to find content multiple ways. In general, the site lists the most recent articles first. But that’s just the start of how you can find articles.

Image slider — Located on the homepage, this tool shows the articles that the editors think are of special interest.

Full text search — The search function enables users to search by keyword or phrase.

Categories —  These general topic categories are located just below the main logo on each page. They are intended to help readers quickly find the type of information they’re seeking.

Tags — Tags are the keywords related to an article. They appear under the “Tags” tab in the right column as well as at the end of each article. Click a tag to display other articles that include the same keywords.

Where can I find past issues of Highlights?

This site includes articles dating back to May 2012.

Contact WEF Highlights Editor Jennifer Fulcher at to see older content.

Need additional assistance?

Please send any questions or comments to WEF Highlights Editor Jennifer Fulcher at