Chart a Path to Biosolids Resource Recovery With New WEF Report

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There are emerging opportunities to take advantage of the organics, energy, and nutrients in biosolids. The Water Environment Federation’s (Alexandria, Va.) National Biosolids Partnership (NBP) has released the report Enabling the Future: Advancing Resource Recovery from Biosolids, which builds on the evolving view of biosolids highlighted in the NBP 2011 report Charting the Future of Biosolids Management.

The new report examines the changing perceptions of biosolids as a renewable resource and the resulting opportunities to use this resource to meet goals in the areas of sustainability, energy, climate change, resource depletion, materials cycling, and zero waste, the report says. It covers lessons learned and biosolids-related experiences to provide “practical guidance for utilities embarking on the road to resource recovery,” the report says.

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