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May 31, 2016

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Wastewater Treatment Takes Center Stage in Alexandria, Va.

Alexandria Renew Enterprises connects the community to water

HighlightsMay1In Alexandria, Va., wastewater treatment services are taking the spotlight. Alexandria Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew) has a new multipurpose athletic field sitting over a nutrient management facility and an environmental center that will connect the community to the often invisible but vital public service of transforming water.

“A new series of projects is enabling us to throw off the cloak of invisibility,” said Karen Pallansch, chief executive officer of AlexRenew.

What 2 FlushHighlightsMay2

The Orange County Sanitation District (Fountain Valley, Calif.) spreads the word to ratepayers about items that can cause clogs and harm the environment through its What 2 Flush website.

White House Water Summit Features WEF’s Commitments to Action

HighlightsMay4On March 22 — World Water Day — the Barack Obama Administration hosted the first White House Water Summit. More than 200 attendees gathered at the summit to discuss water resources in infrastructure in the U.S. and advance water sector efforts.

Two of the Water Environment Federation’s (WEF’s; Alexandria, Va.) commitments to building a sustainable water future were included in the President’s report released at the summit.

Explore Texas’ Freshwater Resources Online

Investigate and analyze freshwater availability of surface water and groudwater using the Nature Conservancy’s (Arlington, Va.) Texas Freshwater Explorer. The online tool provides a comprehensive look at water management practices.

Water Week 2016 Focuses on Policy and Funding

HighlightsMay5From April 10 through April 16, members from more than 50 water sector organizations gathered in Washington, D.C., to talk to each other and elected leaders about ensuring clean and safe water and a healthy sustainable environment.

Attendees shared tweets discussing content and providing photos taken during the event.

Cacti Clean Contaminated Water



WEF Announces Recipients of the 2016 Singapore International Water Week Scholarship



WEF Representative Testifies to the U.S. Senate about Water Infrastructure



Effective Utility Management Findings Released



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Meet WEF’s Newest Life Members



WEF Webcasts Cover Utilities of the Future, Recovering Commodities from Wastewater, and Green Stormwater Infrastructure



WEF Buyers Guide Features New Categories and Offers Users an Interactive Experience

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