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October 30, 2015

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Ghost town emerges from the depths of Lake Mead

In 1935, the Nevada town of St. Thomas, which included the Gentry Hotel, began to slowly disappear under the rising waters of Lake Mead after the construction of the Hoover Dam. Photo courtesy of the Gladys Gentry Collection.Receding waters in Lake Mead, Nev. have revealed a haunting piece of history — the ghost town of St. Thomas.

The existence of the town, originally settled in 1865 by Mormons, was cut short when President Calvin Coolidge signed a bill in 1928 authorizing construction of the Hoover Dam. The dam created Lake Mead, which inundated St. Thomas. Prolonged, severe drought has re-exposed the town.

From the President: Gaining Insight, Influencing the Organization, and Setting a Course for the Future

Paul Bowen, WEF President 2015–2016About 6 months ago, I met with several Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) young professionals to talk about how the WEF president could help develop the future generation of water-sector leaders within our organization. During the discussion, they asked several thought-provoking questions that I want to share, along with my answers, to help WEF members get to know me a little better and understand my vision for WEF.

Maine Water Resource Recovery District Takes an Interactive Approach to Education

Brunswick Sewer District staff recorded, edited, and narrated a 13-minute educational video that shows wastewater’s journey through the public treatment system as well as into and through the water resource recovery facility. Photo courtesy of Brunswick Sewer District staff.The Brunswick (Maine) Sewer District has taken a proactive approach to foster an informed customer base. The district has created a poster that links customers to videos that show how water flows through the district’s systems.

Forum Focuses on Intensifying Technologies and Partnerships

Water sector professionals attending the 2015 Intensification of Resource Recovery (IRR) Forum attendees gather to hear an update on emerging shortcuts to nitrogen removal. Water Environment Federation (Alexandria, Va.) photo/Laura Herman.Through the Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology program, the Water Environment Federation (Alexandria, Va.) and Water Environment Research Foundation (Alexandria, Va.) held the Intensification of Resource Recovery (IR^2) forum at Manhattan College (Bronx, N.Y.) on Aug. 9–11.

The program centered on improving the understanding of intensifying technologies and developing partnerships among technology providers, facility owners, consultants, and academics.

Lost and Found: City of Moline, Ill. Retrieves Laser

A variety of toys have been recovered from the City of Moline’s (Ill.) water resource recovery facilities. Photo courtesy of Robert J. Barnard, treatment operations manager and pretreatment coordinator for the City of Moline Water Pollution Control division.Employees have retrieved quite the variety of items from the two water resource recovery facilities operated by the City of Moline (Ill.) Water Pollution Control Division. The lost-and-found list includes toys, construction equipment, animals, illicit drugs (likely flushed during police raids), and a $50 bill that paid for a staff pizza lunch. The most valuable item retrieved, however, was a $1500 laser pipe-alignment tool, said Robert J. Barnard, treatment operations manager and pretreatment coordinator.

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