WEF Releases Nutrient Roadmap To Help Navigate Utilities to an Energy-Neutral Future

The Nutrient RoadmapIn 2013, the Water Environment Foundation (Alexandria, Va.), the Environmental Defense Fund (New York), and the Johnson Foundation at Wingspread (Racine, Wis.) worked together to create a new goal for the next generation of wastewater treatment: zero net impact with regard to nutrient discharges by 2040.

The Nutrient Roadmap is the product of that work. The document is written to help utilities achieve the 2040 goal by accelerating the transition to smarter nutrient management, facilitating the shift from removal to recovery, and anticipating future requirements to conserve energy and recover resources.

Reading this book will enable utility managers and decision-makers to have a better understanding of where their utilities fall on the path to becoming a facility that not only produces clean water but also recovers critical nutrients for reuse in an energy-neutral manner. It explores key issues that decision-makers must consider as they move toward this goal, including environmental and community effects, operational effectiveness, economic factors, permit compliance, regulatory compliance, and current and emerging treatment technologies. Case studies explore the innovative, cost-effective solutions employed by pioneering water resource recovery facilities.

The Nutrient Roadmap acknowledges that each utility faces unique challenges and provides decision-makers with several paths to follow and alternative destinations from which to choose as they embark on the road toward sustainability.

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