Alliance To Create ‘Facilities of the Future’ Through U.S. and Denmark Partnerships

February 24, 2014


Danish water sector technologies soon will have a new platform for business in the United States. The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is establishing the Water Technology Alliance in Chicago as an effort to create partnerships, develop business relationships, and form alliances with municipalities, according to a ministry news release.

The goal is for the alliance to facilitate a knowledge exchange and build “facilities of the future” in the United States, said Jakob Andersen, consul general and trade commissioner for the ministry. The alliance will bring together some leading water technology companies as well as experienced professionals from Danish municipal WRRFs to help U.S. counterparts build “new and ambitious facilities, which can serve as inspiration for water management throughout the United States,” he added. Danish experts will consult with those interested in exchanging information on how to lower energy costs and improve water quality, he added.

“We have experienced a growing interest from people in water treatment in the U.S. who want to know more about how we handle wastewater in Denmark. This has lead the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to establish the Water Technology Alliance — a center for knowledge exchange,” Andersen said.

Danish companies have experienced 30 years of strict water regulations and responded by developing many innovative technologies that often improve energy efficiency and lower operational costs. U.S. municipalities and companies have shown an interest in Denmark’s developments and integrated water management efforts, the news release says. While the alliance, which will work to spread this information and coordinate efforts to build new water resource recovery facilities will open this spring, it already has started the search for partners, Andersen said.

And Chicago proves to be an ideal location to establish the alliance, Andersen said. “Many of the leading water technology companies are headquartered in Illinois,” he explained. In addition, the ministry’s Energy and Environment team is located in Chicago and the city already is one of the ministry’s partners, he added.

Jennifer Fulcher, WEF Highlights

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