December 2014 at a Glance

December 31, 2014

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New Competitor Leads New Team


For the first time in many years, the Nevada Water Environment Association sent a team to compete last year at WEFTEC® 2013. Each member of that team went home and started his or her own Operations Challenge team. Brian Carlson went home to the City of Henderson, Nev., and formed the Dumplings.

Maryland Environment Services Manager Supports the Program

Highlights-December2As a member of the Water Environment Federation (Alexandria, Va.) since 2006 who has worked for Maryland Environmental Service (Millersville) for 26 years, Ellen Frketic has known about Operations Challenge for years. Her organization has more than 100 operators, and she kept thinking “we should be doing this,” Frketic said.

Veteran Competitor Begins New Role as Coach

Highlights-December3Troy Newton, coach of the Water Environment Association of South Carolina team Controlled Chaos, remembers watching other employees at his facility practicing for Operations Challenge. Newton thought it looked fun and joined the team in 1995.

When Newton’s organization, the Charleston (S.C.) Water System formed a team in 2014 with all new competitors, Newton stepped in as coach for the first time. “[It’s] my first time as a coach, and their first time at nationals,” Newton said.

Event Coordinator Believes in the Competition

Highlights-December4Laurie Perkins, coordinator for the Collection Systems Event at WEFTEC® 2014, is one of many volunteers working hard behind-the-scenes to make sure the competition runs smoothly.

WEF Highlights featured the articles above and the November article, “Central States Volunteer Helps Operations Challenge Team Win First in Division 2 Laboratory Event,” as part of a series offering unique perspectives of Operations Challenge.

From the President: International Partners Help Deliver the Best in Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery

Highlights-December6Leading minds from across the globe convened in Kathmandu, Nepal, Oct. 26–30, to attend the International Water Association (London) Specialist Conference on Global Challenges for Sustainable Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery. The conference provided a unique opportunity for the Water Environment Federation (Alexandria, Va.) to strengthen its partnership with IWA in the areas of wastewater treatment and resource recovery from a utility or practitioner’s perspective.

WEF Workgroup Develops Strategy To Educate and Train Operators

Highlights-December8A little more than a year ago, I was asked to chair the Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) Operator Strategy workgroup. I was honored because operators are a key element in protecting public health and the environment, and I want to do whatever’s necessary to ensure we have the best trained people working in these positions.

Water Leadership Institute Promotes Effective Management Strategies and Strong Professional TiesHighlights-December7

I must confess that I hadn’t heard of the Water Environment Federation (Alexandria, Va.) Water Leadership Institute until a colleague shared the program’s description with me shortly before the 2014 application period closed. The description resonated with me, and I was immediately fascinated by this unique, professional-development opportunity.

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