IKE: Introducing the Next Generation WEFTEC

WEFTEC 2015 offers a variety of technical educational opportunities covering the topics stormwater, water treatment, wastewater, collection, management, and others featured in this image. WEF photo.

WEFTEC 2015 offers a variety of technical educational opportunities covering the topics stormwater, water treatment, wastewater, collection, management, and others featured in this image. WEF photo.

Big projects and innovations always have had a place at WEFTEC®, the foremost conference and tradeshow for water technology. Big projects and innovations have to start somewhere, and often they start small — an idea or a process tweak. These humble beginnings may not be big enough for a full paper and podium presentation but make a difference in the way we work and the way we think of water.

Tina Wolff, IKE Symposium 

Tina Wolff, member of both the Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) and Indiana Water Environment Association since 1988, has worked as principal environmental engineer at ARCADIS (Highlands Ranch, Colo.) for the past 8 years. She serves on both WEF’s Program Committee and Collection Systems Committees. Wolff is one of six members of the IKE Symposium. Other IKE Symposium members are Steven Tilson from Tilson & Associates LLC (Torrington, Conn.); Sue Lior from Lior Solutions (Philadelphia); Corrine Duckworth from Corollo Engineers (Walnut Creek, Calif.); Jennifer Welsch from Metropolitan St. Louis (Mo.) Sewer District; and Kristen Buell from ARCADIS. The IKE Symposium is coordinating the programming of the IKE in its inaugural year. Members of the symposium are excited to reach WEFTEC audiences in a new and vibrant manner, Wolff said.

Beginning at WEFTEC 2015, there’s a new place for these seeds of tomorrow — the Interactive Knowledge Exchange (IKE).

IKE reflects a different attitude, one that’s represented by the program’s organization. It focuses on individual experience to bring good ideas to others, so they can use these ideas as a stepping-stone for their own success. You name the topic, IKE content covers it and informs the WEFTEC of tomorrow. Material presented will be organized under functional areas including

  • technical,
  • thought leadership,
  • utility management,
  • regulatory,
  • student features,
  • operations,
  • research and development,
  • public outreach,
  • involvement, and
  • education.

The inaugural IKE session is scheduled for Sept. 29. It was developed to usher in the next generation of information exchange. A total of 28 videos will be shown in rotation on four screens. Join us at the start of the day for technical and student-developed IKE videos. After the morning break, the focus of the videos shifts to utility management and public outreach.

As a technical session, IKE will be featured at WEFTEC. IKE presenters were selected through a rigorous “IKEstract” process, similar to that used for the selection of papers at the conference. At WEFTEC, IKEs will be competing for your attention to receive the Viewer’s Choice Award. Outstanding IKE videos will be recognized for the applicability of the work to others, for their clarity and conciseness of message,  for relevance to current and emerging issues, and creativity.

W15 IKE logoTo further enhance the audience experience, speakers will be present as their videos run. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet engineers and scientists from the U.S., Canada, and abroad; students studying at leading universities; representatives from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; research and development staff from leading equipment manufacturers; and utility managers and owners.

We are honored that IKE has been chosen to host the four winners of the StormTV project. Coordinated by the Stormwater Congress, video submittals faced head-to-head competition in the areas of nonprofit and government programs, equipment, public education and outreach, and for-profit project categories.

Every aspect of the water sector is fascinating and IKE will showcase it. Attend the session to view some amazing work done by the best in the water sector. Let’s make it a date; put IKE, scheduled for Sept. 29 from 8:30 a.m. to noon in Room S501d, on your calendar today.

— Tina Wolff, IKE Symposium member

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