Infographic by Dow Chemical Shows How Advanced Treatment Technology Combats Water Scarcity, Supports Water Reuse

February 12, 2015

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Global water scarcity and an increasing population worldwide make wastewater treatment and recycling one strategy for economic development. Large volumes of wastewater are generated daily in every community and at water-intensive industrial facilities. As the demand for water grows, so does demand for the treatment and reuse of this water, according to Dow Water and Process Solutions (Edina, Minn.) website.

Dow recently released a new water reuse infographic that explains how the three-step process of microfiltration, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet light can treat wastewater, promote water reuse, and help reduce global water scarcity. Combined, these technologies also are driving energy efficiency and cost savings in municipal and industrial wastewater reclamation processes and are helping customers and communities meet more stringent discharge requirements for waters they cannot directly reuse, the website says.

According to the infographic

  • recycled wastewater will be a normalized source of drinking water in cities around the world within 30 years;
  • 70% of generated treated wastewater comes from high-income countries; and
  • Perth, Australia will receive as much as 20% of its drinking water from reclaimed resources in coming decade
Photo courtesy of Dow Water and Process Solutions (Edina, Minn.).

Photo courtesy of Dow Water and Process Solutions (Edina, Minn.).

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