June 2016 Digest

June 30, 2016

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High School Students Spend a Year Studying the Bronx River

HighlightsJune1Rocking the Boat, a youth development organization based in the South Bronx of New York City, offers water-based educational programs for underserved students that go beyond traditional classrooms.

From the President: Directions for the Future

Paul Bowen, WEF President 2015–2016

When traveling for business or pleasure, we often start by asking these familiar questions:
•    Where are we going?
•    How are we going to get there?
•    What are we going to do?

Asking these questions also is important for any organization. For the Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.), answering these questions and working with WEF Member Associations (MAs) is important for creating the future of water.

Can’t Flush This

HighlightsJune3United Utilities (Warrington, England) produced a music video called “Can’t Flush This.” The parody of M.C. Hammer’s 1990 hit “Can’t Touch This,” communicates the negative consequences of flushing items not intended to go down the toilet.

Water Resource Recovery Facilities Operate as Urban Microbiomes

HighlightsJune4John Seldon, Water Environment Federation (Alexandria, Va.) member, compares the operation of water resource recovery facilities to human stomachs and the role of operators to doctors.

“Both systems operate in a surprisingly similar way, using microorganisms to convert organic substrate and nutrients to repair or generate new cells,” Seldon writes. “Both require care and upkeep — from operators for WRRFs and doctors for human systems.”

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New Book Provides Infiltration and Inflow Guidance

WERF and WateReuse Merge To Advance Concept of One Water

RainWorks Challenge Draws Students to Design for Stormwater Reduction

U.S. Department of Energy Accelerates Adoption of Sustainable Wastewater Infrastructure

WEFCOM Makes Networking with Peers Easy

Technology Transfer Workshop Educates About Membranes

Meet WEF’s Newest Life Members

Infrastructure Week Brings Attention to Maintenance and Investment

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Analysis Reveals SRFs Return Billions on Federal Investment

WEF Advocates for Law Treating Water as One Resource with Many Uses

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