Leaders Share Water Sector Insights in WEF Podcasts

The Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) “Words on Water” podcast series presents insights from leaders in the water sector. Stream online podcast episodes and download audio files on iTunes and the Android Words on Water app.

In recent episodes:

  • Mark Schleifstein, environmental reporter for The Times-Picayune (New Orleans), discusses several issues he has covered in his career, including the loss of wetlands in Louisiana, the health of the Mississippi River, the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and Hurricane Katrina.
  • Haley Falconer, senior manager from the City of Boise, Idaho Environmental Division,  talks about managing environmental services for the city, the city’s experience producing beer and cider with purified wastewater, and her involvement in WEF.
  • Adam Davis, senior counsel at DHM Research (Portland, Ore.), discusses the results of a national opinion survey on public knowledge of the water sector, the need to increase awareness of the sector’s services, and the importance of utilities to poll and engage customers.
  • Tom Ferguson, vice president of programming at Imagine H2O (San Francisco), describes the 2019 Innovation Summit’s focus on engaging the next generation of water professionals and outlines ways the water sector must consider innovation in hiring and retaining employees, in shaping internal culture, and in seizing technology opportunity.
  • John Van Nostrand, manager at FLEXIM (Edgewood, N.Y.), explains the problem of water loss and leaks, the importance of flow metering, the challenge of aging infrastructure and improperly installed meters, and the potential for current technology to help.
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