Learn About Trace Organics and Resource Recovery in English, or Energy Efficiency en Español in WEF’s No-Charge Webcasts

Energy Efficient Solutions for Water Resource Recovery Facilities (Soluciones para Balances de Energía Eficientes en Sistemas de Tratamiento de Aguas Residuales)

Conducted entirely in Spanish, this webcast will describe the energy balances of common water resource recovery facility (WRRF) configurations and evaluate the energy savings that could be made by implementing best practices and innovative, but demonstrated, technologies. Success stories of energy neutral or near-neutral facilities will be highlighted. The speakers also will provide guidance on how WRRFs can follow the Energy Roadmap so that they can locate or benchmark themselves and chart their own path to achieve better energy performance.

April 8, 1–2:30 p.m. EDT

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Wasted Food to Energy: How Six Water Resource Recovery Facilities are Boosting Biogas Production and the Bottom Line

This webcast will discuss how codigestion helps water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs) become energy neutral and even “energy positive” through a combination of energy efficiency measures and the addition of outside organic wastes. Participants will hear about the codigestion practices and experiences of the six WRRFs interviewed in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Wasted Food to Energy paper. They also will hear about the strategies involved in codigestion, how these facilities manage biogas and biosolids, and how codigestion projects can be funded.

April 15, 1‒3 p.m. EDT

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A Framework to Evaluate Risk to Aquatic Life from Trace Organics in Wastewater

This joint Water Environment Federation (Alexandria, Va.) and Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF; Alexandria, Va.) webcast will discuss the tools used to screen the thousands of trace organic compounds regularly released into the aquatic environment. WERF researchers are conducting research to refine and validate site-screening tools, which can help water quality managers assess the potential for adverse ecological effects from exposure to trace organic compounds in treated wastewater. This webcast will present their research findings, including the site-screening framework and field-data collection efforts conducted at pilot field sites to support the screening framework.

June 25, 1‒3 p.m. EDT

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