New Edition Provides Updated Guidance on Analytical Methods and Lab Techniques

April 18, 2019

WEF Resources & Efforts

Click to see the Water and Wastewater Laboratory Techniques, Second Edition.

Water and wastewater analysts can find it challenging to remain current on the sector’s latest techniques, compliance requirements, and analytical methods. The Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) recently introduced a new addition to its collection of water and wastewater analysis resources to help.

Water and Wastewater Laboratory Techniques, Second Edition delivers comprehensive coverage of basic laboratory techniques, up-to-date compliance requirements, and standard methods for water and wastewater analysis. It covers a range of testing methods essential to obtaining precise and accurate results, including proper procedures for analytical balances and preparation of standard solutions and dilutions. It also outlines common laboratory equipment, appropriate uses of equipment to ensure safe laboratory practices, ways to develop water quality reports, and more.

The extensively revised publication serves as a teaching and reference tool for both the new and the seasoned laboratory analyst. The publication, authored and peer-reviewed by leading water sector professionals, can serve as a reference when preparing for Association of Boards of Certification (Ankeny, Iowa) examinations.

Purchase a print or e-book version of the publication online. For more information, contact WEF staff member Karah DeMarco at or 703-684-7211.  

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