Newly Released MOP 8: Comprehensive WRRF Design Resource

November 2, 2017

WEF Resources & Efforts

Design of WRRFs - MOP 8Find state-of-the-art resources in facility planning, design, and configuration in the Design of Water Resource Recovery Facilities, Manual of Practice 8. The Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) joined with the Water Resources Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers (Reston, Va.) to release this thoroughly revised resource.

The comprehensive coverage of water resource recovery facility design, now offered as a single volume, features contributions from hundreds of wastewater engineering experts. Get a full explanation in the book of all water treatment systems and processes as well as a look at the environmental issues and procedures for energy generation. In addition to featuring design approaches, facility planning guidance, and configuration of best practices, the publication explains the sector’s transition from wastewater treatment to water resource recovery. It includes such new and expanded topics as

  • use and application of modeling wastewater treatment processes,
  • advances in biological treatment, and
  • advances in biosolids handling.

Purchasing this book from WEF includes

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