Open-Access Research in WER Examines Fine-Pore Oxygen Transfer

Click to access the May 2018 issue of Water Environment Research.

The open-access article in the May issue of the journal, Water Environment Research (WER), examines factors affecting oxygen transfer in activated sludge processes.

“In their critical review of factors affecting fine-pore oxygen-transfer modeling, Baquero-Rodríguez et al. delineate the major model inputs and variables and how they are affected by operating conditions,” said Tim Ellis, WER editor-in-chief.

These conditions include solids retention time, mixed liquor suspended solids concentration, temperature, pressure, depth, and diffuser type.

“The authors identify the need for additional model refinements that would provide an estimate of dynamic performance of oxygen-transfer systems by including diffuser fouling as well as wastewater characteristics and operational conditions,” Ellis said.

A coupled, dynamic mathematical model that considers all the factors affecting these systems would help operate and maintain aeration systems, the article says.

Other papers published in this issue include

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