Read All About It in WEFTEC Now Online Portal

October 19, 2018

WEF Resources & Efforts

Every year, key updates about the annual Water Environment Federation (Alexandria, Va.) technical exhibition and conference (WEFTEC) have been published in the WEFTEC Daily newspaper. At WEFTEC 2018, WEF introduced the new source for WEFTEC news: WEFTEC Now.

As the new, official source for all news about the conference, WEFTEC Now features timely coverage of major events prior to, during, and after the conference. The online portal provides fresh content throughout the year. It also was printed and distributed during WEFTEC 2018.

WEFTEC Now consists of news articles, personal stories, and videos that can be shared on social media. The online format allows users to search for information about topics and events offered at past and upcoming WEFTECs and see multimedia coverage.

WEFTEC participants and interested readers will receive emails, providing information of notable events and educational insights from the conference. Check online for new developments and coverage. 

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