Webcasts Offer the Fundamentals of Disinfection and Grit

January 30, 2013

Learning Opps

Fundamentals of Disinfection

Feb. 6, 1–3 p.m. (EST)

This webcast will provide an overview of regulatory considerations and fundamental principles related to ultraviolet (UV) disinfection. It will describe how these factors affect the design, operation, and maintenance of UV systems for wastewater disinfection. A case study on the selection of UV disinfection for the City of Jefferson, Mo., will be presented.

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Fundamentals of Grit Removal and Grit System Evaluation Webcast Series

Part 1

Feb. 27, 1–3 p.m. (EST)

This webcast includes a recording from the WEFTEC® 2011 Fundamentals of Grit Removal and Grit System Evaluation workshop. The workshop will discuss the basics of degritting; grit properties, settling principles, and characterization; and grit removal and handling process options.

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Each webcast offers Professional Development Hours. Check with your state accreditation agency to determine if you qualify.

Access archived webcasts in WEF’s Knowledge Center. For more information, contact webcasts@wef.org.

Sponsors provide financial support for this online education format and, in return, receive visibility through company logos, advertisements, and Web-link placements during live and archived webcasts.

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