WEF Fact Sheet Describes Rainfall Derived Inflow and Infiltration Modeling

March 9, 2017

WEF Resources & Efforts

RDII Fact SheetThe Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) Collection Systems Committee has released the fact sheet, “Sanitary Sewer Systems: Rainfall-Derived Inflow and Infiltration Modeling.”

Rainfall-derived infiltration and inflow (RDII) is a known cause of sanitary sewer overflows. RDII simulation models help characterize system wet weather responses, evaluate needs, and predict performance within infiltration and inflow reduction and remediation programs. Utility managers, practitioners, and educators can use the fact sheet as a resource and reference guide.

The committee’s modeling technical workgroup presents key details about RDII in this 5-page, open-access document. The fact sheet provides background information, details about the five most common RDII quantification methods in use, model methodology, benefits and applications, evolving practices, a list of additional resources, and author information.

See the Collection Systems webpage for more about this fact sheet and other Collection Systems products.

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