WEF Member Associations Select State SJWP Winners

Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) Member Associations (MAs) have started working to select state-level winners for the U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP) competition.

Volunteers have been searching local science fairs for notable water projects as well as gathering and reviewing submissions from high school students for the competition. Students in grades 9 through 12 have been invited to submit research online by April 15.

WEF members, working through their MAs, will review papers and identify the best water-related science projects from each state. These winners will be announced on May 3 and invited to enter the national competition. Winning high school students will bring their water research projects to the U.S. SJWP competition, where a winner will be chosen to represent the country at the international SJWP competition in Stockholm.

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WEF, with support from the North Carolina Water Environment Association and Xylem Inc. (Rye Brook, N.Y.), will host the 2018 U.S. SJWP competition, June 15–16, at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

For more information, contact WEF staff member Stevi Hunt-Cottrell at shunt-cottrell@wef.org. Watch a video of the 2017 U.S. SJWP competition below:

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