WEF, NGA Collaborate To Improve Resiliency when Facing Extreme Events

July 17, 2015

WEF Resources & Efforts

The Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) has collaborated with the National Governors Association (Washington, D.C.) to offer a learning lab that will help inform states’ emergency response to extreme events and let planning agencies know what water and wastewater facilities are doing to improve resiliency to these events.

The learning lab, which took place in Trenton, N.J., May 13−15, focused on enhancing state energy-assurance coordination. State representatives learned how New Jersey is addressing lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy, and they heard from other state officials about how they managed energy issues associated with extreme events.

WEF provided an overview of lessons learned from workshops on extreme events where water and wastewater facilities shared their experiences and challenges — information useful to the state planners who attended the learning lab because they can take these lessons into consideration when updating their states’ plans.

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