WEF Offers Resources for Working in Water

June 23, 2017

WEF Resources & Efforts

Explore Water CareersThe Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) offers a series of documents that provide information on water sector careers.

Volume 1: Networking offers opportunities

The first document in this series covers the benefits of creating a network. It outlines the networking opportunities that WEF and its Member Associations provide, both on a national and local level.

Volume 2: Benefits provided by volunteering

The second document outlines the benefits of volunteerism and opportunities to volunteer for WEF. Getting involved provides opportunities to contribute to the water sector as well as to make connections, enhance skills, and strengthen resumes.

Volume 3: Getting involved in member organizations

The third document describes ways to get involved in water organizations. It also explains the benefits provided by membership, which can include eligibility to apply for scholarships, ability to connect with other skilled water professionals, and access to and discounts for technical knowledge, educational opportunities, and resources.

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