WEF Releases Water and Wastewater Calculations Manual

Water and Wastewater Calculations ManualThe Water Environment Federation (Alexandria, Va.) recently released Water and Wastewater Calculations Manual, Third Edition, which provides basic principles, best practices, and detailed calculations for surface water, groundwater, drinking water treatment, and wastewater engineering. The solutions presented in this manual of practice (MOP) are based on practical field data and current federal and state rules and regulations. Designed to provide quick access to essential data, the MOP contains more than 100 detailed illustrations and provides both the International System of Units and U.S. customary units.

The up-to-date environmental reference contains new and revised information on such concepts as U.S. Environmental Protection Agency maximum-contaminant levels for public water systems and protection from waterborne organisms, membrane-filtration processes, clarification systems, ultraviolet disinfection, ozonation, simultaneous partial nitrification, anaerobic ammonium oxidation, denitrification, membrane bioreactors, and lake evaporation mathematical models. The MOP covers topics such as stream and river sanitation, lake and reservoir management, groundwater regulations and protection, fundamental and treatment plant hydraulics, and public water supply.

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