WEF, WERF Release Manual on Shortcut Nitrogen Removal

Shortcut Nitrogen RemovalThe Water Environment Federation (Alexandria, Va.) and the Water Environment Research Foundation (Alexandria, Va.) jointly published Shortcut Nitrogen Removal—Nitrite Shunt and Deammonification, as an extension of Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT) efforts.

Shortcut nitrogen removal is an emerging economical solution for water resource recovery facilities. It refers to the biological nitrogen removal process that offers a shortcut to the conventional nitrification/denitrification process. The resulting breakthrough single-step deammonification has significant advantages compared to conventional biological nitrogen removal processes, including reduced energy requirements, carbon requirements, and chemical costs.

The manual is an essential resource for facility owners and practitioners evaluating the implementation of shortcut nitrogen removal at their facilities, including guidelines for assessing the application of various technologies. It provides a thorough understanding of the current research and best practices and explores how implementing these emerging processes affects permit compliance, energy recovery, carbon usage, chemical addition, and solids production.

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