WEFCOM Functionality Extends to Email

WEFCOM - DiscussionThe Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) continues to improve the functionality of WEFCOM. Those using the WEF member online networking platform now can initiate discussions with others through email.

Instead of waiting to log into WEFCOM, members can take discussions on the road. Members only need to find the email address associated with the WEFCOM Technical Committee and send their post from an email account registered to WEFCOM. Files attached to this email will be attached to the post.

To make your WEFCOM discussions mobile, just follow these steps:

  • Create an email from an address associated with your WEFCOM profile.
  • Type the subject of the post as the subject of the email.
  • Write the discussion post in the body of the email.
  • Attach any documents to send with the post to the email.
  • Send the email a WEFCOM Technical Committee address associated with the community discussion.

Have questions? Contact WEF staff member Beth Conway at econway@wef.org.

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