#MyWaterLegacy Campaign Celebrates Tradition of Working with Water

November 11, 2016

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MyWaterLegacyThe Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) encourages water quality professionals to take pride in the work they do ensuring a continued supply of clean water and adequate sanitation for future generations. At WEFTEC® 2016, Paul Bowen, current immediate past president of WEF, launched the #MyWaterLegacy social media campaign.

The campaign, unveiled alongside a video titled “What Legacy Are You Creating?,” promotes mentorship of young professionals and celebrates the contributions of WEF members to the working in the water sector.

During the near century of WEF’s history, many water professionals have passed on their expertise and passion for the field to their children and other relatives, creating families of WEF members and employees committed to the protection of our water resources. The ongoing WEF Highlights My Water Legacy series profiles some of these families and their important work. So far, the articles include  “My Water Legacy: Canhams Forged a Strong Bond, Inside and Outside of WEF” and “Hamlett Family’s WEF Service Spans Three Generations and Five Decades.”

MyWaterLegacy Logo“Every action, decision, and innovation we make as water professionals is really a building block for the future,” Bowen said at the WEFTEC 2016 Opening General Session. “WEF hopes this campaign will be a fun and engaging way to capture and celebrate that spirit and the passion our members and our colleagues around the world have for water and for the communities that they serve.”

For more information or to submit a story idea, contact WEF Highlights Editor Jennifer Fulcher at jfulcher@wef.org.

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