Research into Increasing Nitrification in Activated Sludge Systems Featured in April WER

Click to access the April 2018 issue of Water Environment Research.

The Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) provides open access to cutting-edge research in its journal, Water Environment Research (WER).

In this month’s open-access paper, “Bioaugmentation with Nitrifying Granules in Low-SRT Flocculent Activated Sludge at Low Temperature,” researchers describe how bioaugmentation with nitrifying granules grown in a sidestream reactor consistently increases the nitrification capacity of activated sludge systems.

“In their paper on low [solids retention time], low temperature activated sludge, Figdore et al. were able to achieve stable nitrification using bioaugmentation with a nitrifying granular sludge,” said Tim Ellis, WER editor-in-chief. “Once bioaugmentation was interrupted, the mainstream nitrification stopped.  During bioaugmentation effluent ammonia levels were consistently below 1 mg/L.” 

Other papers published in this issue include

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