Reviewers Needed for Water-Quality-Trading Publication

September 23, 2013


The Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) needs reviewers for the special publication, Advances in Water Quality Trading as a Flexible Compliance Tool. Individuals interested in participating must work closely with WEF staff and dedicate expertise and time to ensuring the development of high-quality manuals according to a publication schedule.

This publication will explore the status of water-quality trading and recent advances made through successful applications. Economics, current legal and regulatory challenges, large-scale initiatives, and pressing regulation-driving demand will be presented to characterize future applications for this tool. It will focus on success stories and pragmatic issues being experienced. This will not be a “how-to” book but rather a compendium of the benefits of trading and how it is working in select locations.

The project is being led by Mark Kieser of Kieser & Associates LLC (Kalamazoo, Mich.). Detailed chapter outlines are ready for review, and publication is set for November 2014. Anyone interested in serving as a reviewer should contact Britt Sheinbaum at

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