WE&T Seeks Stories of Water Sector First Responders

November 2, 2012

Multimedia, Participate

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the importance of water and sanitation services has received much media coverage.

But the one area that has been lacking is recognition of the men and women who work before, during, and after the storm to keep things running and restore services as soon as possible.

WE&T wants to share your photos, videos, and stories of water and wastewater crews maintaining and restoring service during Hurricane Sandy. We’re hoping to collect as many photos and videos as possible showing water and wastewater utility crews in action.

We’ll publish as many as we can in an upcoming issue of the magazine as well as post them in an online gallery.

What we need:

  • Photos. High-resolution (300 dpi or greater) images, if possible. Lower resolution images welcome, too. Candid shots preferred, but posed images also will be considered.
  • Videos. Post your videos to YouTube and send us a link.
  • Names of those shown and a brief description of where the photo or video was taken and what is happening.
  • Photographer name for the photo credit.

When we need it:

  • Submission deadline for upcoming issue of WE&T is Nov. 9.
  • Later submissions will be considered for online-only gallery.

Where to send it:

  • Send all submissions and questions to Steve Spicer, WE&T managing editor at sspicer@wef.org.

Thank you for your dedicated work every day.

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