October 2012 at a Glance

October 31, 2012

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WEF’s Water for Jobs Campaign Promotes Water Infrastructure Investment

The Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) is spreading the word that investing in water infrastructure is an investment in American jobs and America’s future.

WEF’s Matt Ries Learns About Wastewater Energy Innovations from European Experts

Matt Ries, chief technical officer at the Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.), spends his days working to find and connect WEF with the newest and best wastewater treatment innovations around the world. This pursuit continues into his personal life, too. Ries spends much of his free time learning even more about these innovations during his pursuit of a doctorate in civil engineering from the University of South Florida (Tampa).

As part of his Ph.D. program, Ries participated in the Biological Waste to Energy Technologies (BioWET) conference, July 16–20.

Cities Educate About Water Quality Through World Water Monitoring Challenge

Cities around the globe are embracing water monitoring and water quality education by taking the World Water Monitoring Challenge. On Sept. 18, residents of Austin, Texas; Denver, Colo., and cities throughout Poland monitored local waterways.

Planting Oysters To Benefit the Chesapeake Bay
WEF staffer volunteers for local oyster cultivation organization

Every day Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) staff members work to improve water quality, and some take this dedication back to their communities. Lauren Henretty, WEFTEC® program coordinator, is working in her community to help clean the Chesapeake Bay.

WERF and WEF Working To Increase Use of Innovative Solutions in Water Sector

The Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF; Alexandria, Va.) is looking for ways to accelerate use of innovations in water treatment and water reclamation facilities while reducing risk and conserving resources. To accomplish this, WERF partnered with the Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria) to implement the Leaders Innovation Forum for Technology (LIFT) initiative.

WEF Video Teaches About Operation of Water Resource Recovery Facilities Watch the WATER’S WORTH IT Winning Videos 

WEF Files Amicus Brief Supporting Land Application of Biosolids


Webcasts Educate About Biosolids and Asset Management

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WEF Joins Amicus Brief to U.S. Supreme Court on Los Angeles Stormwater Case


WEF Participates in White House Conference on Green Infrastructure


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