Value of Water Campaign Survey Finds Water Infrastructure Important to Americans

Photo courtesy of the Value of Water Campaign.

Photo courtesy of the Value of Water Campaign.

The Value of Water Campaign has released results from a survey exploring voters’ opinions about the importance of funding water infrastructure.

Researchers conducted 1000 telephone interviews with registered voters. Participants were asked to rank the importance of various issues that government leaders need to address and to rank specifically the importance of water infrastructure. Participants also were asked how strongly they would support federal investment in rebuilding water infrastructure and to rank the quality of current water infrastructure. The survey found that 82% of surveyed voters say water infrastructure is very important for the president and Congress to address.

“Voters say that rebuilding America’s infrastructure — particularly water infrastructure — is very important,” according to the findings. These voters represent the spectrum of political affiliation, location, age, and gender. “There is overwhelming support for increasing federal investment in water infrastructure.”

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