WEF and ABC Commit to Accelerating Generation of Resources from Biogas Systems

July 21, 2017

WEF Resources & Efforts

The Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) and the American Biogas Council (ABC; Washington, D.C.) are partnering to expand the conversion of organic waste into renewable energy and soil products. The organizations signed a new memorandum of understanding that reaffirms their cooperative goals to promote resource recovery, specifically the use of energy and products generated from biogas systems at water facilities.

“Energy derived from wastewater and biosolids moves our nation toward a more resilient and sustainable future, and there is tremendous potential for growth in the generation of these renewable resources,” said WEF Executive Director Eileen O’Neill. “WEF is happy to once again formalize our commitment to a broader and deeper working relationship with the American Biogas Council, and we look forward to working with ABC in promoting opportunities for the beneficial use of biogas and digested residuals.”

Recently, WEF published a review of water sector biogas systems in the document, “Accelerating Resource Recovery: Biosolids Innovations and Opportunities.” ABC launched the new Digestate Certification Program that creates a standard method for describing the qualities of digestate, the product generated by anaerobic digestion of organic materials. Together, the organizations will work to support

  • the beneficial use of biogas, digested materials, and biosolids;
  • the use of proven technologies that facilitate energy and nutrient recovery;
  • federal and state regulations and legislation that promotes using biogas as a renewable energy source;
  • proactive communications and public outreach to build support for products made from digested materials; and
  • research into biosolids management.

For more information, contact Lisa McFadden at lmcfadden@wef.org.

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