WEF Issues National WATER’S WORTH IT® Month Call to Action

In celebration of World Water Day 2013 on March 22, the Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) issued a national call to action, asking communities across the United States to make WATER’S WORTH IT® Month proclamations. This new effort builds on the success of the larger WATER’S WORTH IT campaign and provides a unique way to engage communities all year.

Since the official launch last year, WEF, as well as WEF members and utilities, have used the campaign to help educate people about the value of water and the importance of shared responsibility for protecting and preserving it. As a continuation of these efforts, the monthlong water celebration proclamations, made by mayors and local governments, were developed to

  • increase community awareness about water as a precious natural resource;
  • encourage elected officials and citizens to learn more about water issues, as well as the challenges of providing and maintaining clean water and wastewater services, and related infrastructure;
  • demonstrate how public health, the environment, the economy, and quality of life are closely connected to water; and
  • promote conservation and personal stewardship through increasing educational efforts.
A billboard shows New Orlean's commitment to WATER'S WORTH IT month in October. WEF photo/Jennifer Fulcher.

A billboard shows New Orlean's commitment to WATER'S WORTH IT month in October. WEF photo/Jennifer Fulcher.

To support this call to action, WEF provides a WATER’S WORTH IT Proclamation Toolkit that includes sample proclamation language, tips, and supporting materials. This is the most recent addition to a comprehensive online toolkit repository that provides various customizable materials, including ads, fact sheets, a brochure, a bill stuffer, media outreach resources, and promotional items.

“WEF hopes this new call to action will jumpstart a grassroots movement that encourages all communities across the United States to become involved and to help make water a personal and national priority,” said Lori Harrison, WEF public information director.

Have questions or feedback? Contact WatersWorthIt@wef.org.

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