WEF Needs Reviewers for Books

May 26, 2012


The Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) seeks reviewers to work closely with WEF staff to develop Manuals of Practice (MOPs) and textbooks. Applicants will be asked to dedicate expertise and time to ensure high quality while maintaining the publication schedule. The following opportunities are available:

  • MOP 21, Automation of Wastewater Treatment Facilities, is being revised. The manual will focus on the elements of a complete automation design, including analysis of benefits, required design documents, an overview of process control strategies, and an extensive list of sensors. The chapter on sensors includes discussion of operating principles, materials, accuracy, and installation and maintenance requirements. Publication of the manual is set for August 2013. The project, being led by Bob Hill of the San Jacinto River Authority (Conroe, Texas), officially launched in November. The first draft will be ready for review in May. If interested in serving as a reviewer, contact Britt Sheinbaum at bsheinbaum@wef.org.
  • MOP 29, Operation of Nutrient Removal Facilities, a revision of Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) Operation in Wastewater Treatment Plants, will present significant biological features and biochemical reactions of microbes and their environmental (operational) conditions that promote nitrification, denitrification, fermentation, biological phosphorus release, and biological phosphorus uptake. These topics will be presented in addition to current engineering practices used for biological nutrient removal. Publication is set for August 2013. The project, being led by Michael Gerardi of Cromaglass Corp. (Williamsport, Pa.), officially launched in December. The first drafts will be ready for review in early June. If interested in serving as a reviewer, contact Britt Sheinbaum at bsheinbaum@wef.org.
  • The textbook Wastewater Treatment Plant Design, which is based on the latest (2009) edition of Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants (MOP 8), is being updated. WEF’s Technical Practice Committee seeks reviewers for the book. It currently includes chapters with the following titles: “Fundamentals”; “The Design Process”; “Plant Hydraulics”; “Preliminary Treatment”; “Primary Treatment”; “Suspended-Growth Biological Treatment”; “Attached Growth Biological Treatment, Biological Nutrient Removal”; “Alternative Biological and Natural Treatment Systems”; “Physical–Chemical Treatment”; “Ancillary Processes”; “Production and Transport of Solids”; “Conditioning of Solids”; “Stabilization Processes”; “Thickening, Dewatering, and Drying Solids”; and “Beneficial Use and Ultimate Disposal”. The revised textbook is being edited by Tom Jenkins and Daniel Nolasco. The first draft will be available for review in mid-May. If interested in serving as a reviewer, send a brief résumé to Lorna Ernst at lernst@wef.org.
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