WEF Utility Partnership Program Offers Many Benefits

March 10, 2014

WEF Resources & Efforts

Click to see the Utility Partnership Program website.

Is your utility looking for a simple and easy way to join the Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) and local WEF Member Associations (MAs)? Through the Utility Partnership Program, WEF staff members help utilities tailor membership packages to each utility’s needs. The program allows utilities to consolidate all employees into a single account and choose the appropriate value packages based on employees’ needs. And as WEF members, utilities will be eligible for all member benefits and discounts.

“Here in Texas, our utilities and river authorities have found great benefit in the Utility Partnership Program,” said Julie Nahrgang, association manager for the Water Environment Association of Texas (Austin). “The flexibility and utility-wide benefits are just what our folks have been looking for in a membership package.”

“We place a high value on delivering service to our members, and the Utility Partnership is intended as a service to make it simpler and easier for utilities to track and pay for their memberships, and to allow and encourage an elected official to access the reservoir of knowledge that WEF and its MA’s offer,” said Lindsay Roberts, executive director of the North Carolina American Water Works Association and Water Environment Association (Raleigh).

For more information read the Utility Partnership Program brochure or contact WEF staff member, Brittany Burch.

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