WEF Webcasts Examine Co-Digestion, Manhole Rehabilitation, and Algae Bioreactors

March 7, 2014

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Co-Digestion of Organic Waste Products with Wastewater Solids

Participate to learn about a recent Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF; Alexandria, Va.) study that examined economic effects of codigestion, biogas produced by adding different organic wastes, allowable organic loading rate for stable digestion, and digester loading from fats, oils, and grease.

March 19, 1–2:30 p.m. (EDT)

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Manhole Rehabilitation: Tech & Specs

Collection system engineers and owners will learn about the tools needed to perform successful manhole rehabilitation projects during this webcast. The session will include a background on manhole assessment, descriptions of rehabilitation technologies, use of National Association of Sewer Service Companies’ (Marriottsville, Md.) standard specifications as a guideline for projects, and an overview of post rehabilitation inspection and testing required for various technologies. The speakers plan to establish a Frequently Asked Questions Web page as a follow-up to the webcast.

April 2, 1–3 p.m. (EDT)

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Algae Bioreactors as a Cost-Effective Approach for Enhanced Nutrient Removal – Approaching it From all Sides

Learn about using encapsulated algae in waste streams for enhanced nutrient removal. Compare algae nutrient removal to conventional denitrification and hear facility benefits of algal nutrient removal. The three webcast topics will cover the research, engineering, and utility perspectives on the issue.

April 29, 1–3 p.m. (EDT)

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Each webcast offers Professional Development Hours. Check with your state accreditation agency to determine if you qualify.

Access archived webcasts in the Water Environment Federation (WEF; Alexandria, Va.) Knowledge Center or on the WEF webcasts website. For more information, contact webcasts@wef.org.

Sponsors provide financial support for this online education format and, in return, receive visibility through company logos, advertisements, and hyperlink placements during live and archived webcasts.

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